Bereavement Counselling Service

Bereavement Counselling Service

We offer professional individual counselling to the bereaved and their families helping them to relieve their grief and to adapt to a new life.

Our counselling team provides quality counselling services covering assessments, advice, counselling and referrals for each individual case.

Group Counselling

Besides individual counselling, group counselling is also available The group “Towards a Brighter Day” is specially designated for bereaved women while "Rejoin the Road to Sunshine" is designated for men. We also organise group sessions according to the nature of loss (Loss of spouse, parent or sibling).

Group counselling is offered periodically through small group in 5 to 6 sessions. Our bereavement group counselling is held by CCCG social workers and bereavement volunteers. The group counselling aims to assist the group members to face the bereavement positively and to adapt to new life.

Orientation for the Newly Bereaved

The Orientation will be held bi-monthly for those who have newly suffered from loss of family members, or who want to receive bereavement counselling. Through a one-time group meeting, our counsellors will give a brief orientation to the newly bereaved to understand their possible grief reactions and process they may be experiencing or will experience. Professional services will also be introduced according to their specific conditions and needs.

Sunflower Mutual Help Group

The sunflower self help group provides sharing moments and continual support to the bereaved who graduated from the bereavement groups. The self-help group holds meetings and outdoor activities regularly. By joining this group, the participants are expected to be positively influenced by others after settling down from the bereavement period.